Everyone in Health is a not-for-profit organisation (in the form of a Community Interest Company, CIC) aimed at developing and delivering high quality resources, tools, and events to develop management, leadership and other associated skills of everyone involved in health and social care, in order to improve the quality and safety of care delivered in the UK.

Not only do we provide numerous exceptional online development materials, updated on a regular basis, but we also host a range of networking opportunities, and a mixture of online and face-to-face events aimed at allowing you to connect with various stakeholders for your own personal and professional development. 

We want to empower all staff and service users to improve, and develop, services for the benefit of the users of those services.


EiH was founded in East Yorkshire. 

As time has passed, we have developed ever-more connections across the UK. 

We have links to Northern Ireland, Leeds and beyond, and are growing our network of similar organisations all the time.

We are always looking to expand our activities – get in touch if you would like to be involved in our ever-expanding operations!


There are a range of activities and resources we provide in order to achieve our vision; provision of unique opportunities for our members, access to online resources, the hosting of online and face-to-face events and networking opportunities, as well as opportunities to get involved with EiH and other organisations and projects outside of the core of EiH.


Developed originally as a vague idea in September 2019, EiH has come a long way since.

Our enthusiastic committee are developing further innovative ideas, concepts and activities for our website, as well as planning for future events and networking opportunities over the coming months and years. 

We provide frequent blog updates on all of these exciting developments on our website, send out email updates and produce a newsletter to keep all interested stakeholders up to date with our future plans, and past activities.

We hold online events, provide online networking opportunities and produce personal development resources on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

In addition, we hold, subject to availability of venues and ongoing changes to legislation, face-to-face events in a variety of locations.


In the context of our modern healthcare delivery, individual and group traits of excellence in leadership and management are crucial in the delivery of exceptional patient care.

Systemic thinking around the context in which healthcare is delivered, as well as the management and leadership of individual organisations and people, are vital skills for all those involved in the delivery of health and social care in the UK.

We believe that such qualities are essential for all who hold a role in the delivery of health and social care services, and not just for those who hold formal leadership and managerial positions. This includes front-line clinicians, as well as those who are performing other activities within the context of the UK health and social care, such as domestic staff and administrators. ‘Co-production’, involving service users in service development, is also key in enhancing care and improving the outcomes of that care.

EiH aims to enhance these skills in health and social care staff in a fun, friendly, interactive and exciting format, within a safe environment.


EiH is an organisation founded, chaired and managed by an Emergency Medicine Doctor in Yorkshire.  They have accumulated a vast range of management and leadership experience in the NHS and beyond, and want to inspire a culture of improvement, safety and enhanced inter- and intra-professional relationships within healthcare in the UK to provide exceptional health and social care provision and outcomes. They have also run a similar organisation whilst at university in the form of a student healthcare management and leadership society in Northern Ireland.

The founder is joined by an invaluable and diverse multidisciplinary committee.

We are a membership organisation; we do charge a small fee for membership to help us meet our costs (see the website for the up-to-date membership fee). We aim to keep our fees as low as possible through ongoing transparent engagement with various private and public sector organisations. We review them on a regular basis to provide enhanced value for our members. 

Members of EiH receive a range of benefits including priority event access, the elimination of charges for some chargeable events, significant discounts on chargeable keynote events, access to exclusive networking opportunities and full access to our archive, and our freshly produced online resources. 

Our funding comes from minimal membership subscriptions, contributions from philanthropic individuals who share our values, as well as collaborations with private sector partners who wish to build their profile in the community through engagement with us, as part of their demonstration of their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

We also have connections to charitable and other not-for-profit organisations, who we support, free of charge, as part of our work through mutual promotion and the hosting of micro-sites on our own website to increase the online visibility of those organisational in order to promote their charitable work.

We work across people, organisations and sectors throughout the healthcare system in order to allow for the personal development of all staff who are involved in healthcare delivery in the UK. We know that when the everyone within the system of delivery of health and social care work well together, the quality of care, and outcomes of that care delivered to patients are significantly enhanced. 

Everyone in Health CIC is registered in England at 22 Forlorns Drive, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 5BR, UK. Company Number 12255627
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