My name is Dr Adam Dalby, or Adam as my preferred name, and it's an honour to welcome you to the news section of our brand new website.

This is a (rather large) project I have wanted to do for a while, but haven't had quite the structure in my head for how I could master it. 

Now, I have done so, and I am pleased with the result. 

Good things (including ideas) come to those who wait. 

You can find out more about Everyone in Health here, but for the rest of this entry, I am going to discuss what lies behind the project, the philosophy of the organisation, so to speak.

Our vision is 'an NHS where all staff, regardless of profession, are able to confidently lead and manage NHS services and deliver better care for their patients as a result'.

Our mission is to 'improve the leadership and management capability of NHS staff to deliver better quality services for all through providing the necessary tools, knowledge, insights and skills'.

Firstly, Everyone in Health is named as such in order to encompass the range of professions represented who can improve patient care; from domestics to doctors, nurses to dentists, housekeepers to porters - Everyone - can be involved in improving patient care, regardless of qualification or role.

This comes on to the second philosophy of Everyone in Health - we are a grass-roots movement. I am a junior doctor. I am not a manager, I have no formal leadership role in the NHS; just a passion to improve patient care and an idea. 

We are a Limited Community Interest Company, which means we are currently a not for profit organisation with the primary focus of making great events and hosting a great website full of quality material for you to utilise. 

Speaking of the website, it is powered by White Fuse CRM system (thanks to Andy and Co!), we utilise Vimeo to host 4k videos for fast buffering, combined with the latest in online payment technologies along with the best in online web design and an avid focus on consistency and quality to give our users the best online experience in order to allow them to grow, to allow them to gain skills, insights, tools and knowledge to improve care for their patients. 

But that's enough techno speak.

Now, we move onto the 'real deal' so-to-speak.

We will provide you with materials throughout your membership, both on the website, and through our events in person, in order to keep you abreast of the latest in leadership and management thinking. We will encourage you, support you and help you. 

You will always have access to our team, as a member in order to gain real insights, personalised to you, in your work to improve care.

We will improve care for NHS patients; that's our focus.

We are not interested in making a quick couple of quid with this organisation; I'm here for the long-term. Focus groups, one-to-one sessions and email support. 

The NHS deserves you, the NHS needs you and, despite other louder messages from elsewhere, it wants you.

I want you to be supported in your journey of delivering quality. I want you to deliver for your patients as much as you want to deliver for your patients. Your patients need you. Your NHS needs you. 

The NHS is broken; waste, cost-cutting, high waiting times, poor accessibility, a changing demographic, poor adoption of life saving technology and disparate quality from Aberdeen to Antrim, from John O'Groats to Land's End.

You can fix this broken system.

Together we can change healthcare in the UK for the better; getting rid of the waste, improving public delivery of services and making patients feel cared for, valued and well looked after. 

We can do this and together we will.

Everyone in Health can do this.

Remember, we all get better when you do.

Everyone in Health CIC is registered in England at 22 Forlorns Drive, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 5BR, UK. Company Number 12255627
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